UST believes that decentralization of authority among the senior staff will help to develop a solid foundation for an efficient management system to ensure accountability and transparency at all level from decision making at top management to implementation of activity at field level. The ultimate result will end in maximum utilization of resources for the benefit of poor and poorest people in Bangladesh. UST maintain three tier management systems with bottom up approach. Those are:

01.  Operation Management Team (OMT):

This team is comprised of all Directors and Program Managers. This team meets every month's interval or even 2 times a month on need-based. This team reviews the progress of respective programs, bottle-necks and success of programs, and also provides necessary directives, decisions and policy guides. The policy developed, the prepared budget, rules and regulations hanged / modified, guidelines prepared and the decisions taken in this meeting are referred to the Board of Director's meeting for final approval and or information. This meeting is chaired by the Executive Director.

02. Project Management Team (PMT):

This team consists of all Program Managers, Program Coordinators, Project Engineers and relevant Program Officers. This team meets during first half of every month. They analyze pros and cones of the program by activities, by workload of field staff, implementation plan and achievements, Fund utilization, procedural matters (finance, procurement, communication etc.), monitoring issues, control and management of staff, capacity building of staff and so on. These meetings are facilitated by Program Manager(s). This team works as a bridging media between the Field level and the Top level Management.

03. Area Management Team (AMT):

This team is comprised of Area Coordinator, Engineer, Trainer and program officers working at area level.  This team virtually meets twice a month: at the end of a month to compile and prepare reports for presentation in PMT and also at the beginning of the month to provide feed-back of PMT to field staff. This team review performances of individual staff every month. This team is mainly responsible for keeping the program wheels in motion as per the project guidelines and the directives of the top management.

UST believes in Team Work: "Teams - Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing"